Ira M. Herman, Ph.D.

For the entirety of his discovery – and innovation-based career, and since his days in training at Tulane University, Harvard Medical School, and The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Professor Herman has been devoted to understanding the basic mechanisms that control the fundamental properties of life, including motility, repair and regeneration at the molecular, cellular and tissue levels. As a global thought leader, Dr. Herman and his colleagues have made several seminal contributions to our understanding the molecular mechanisms that control post-injury responses, while unveiling those central factors, signaling networks and supramolecular complexes responsible for regulating host reparative responses. As a lead innovator and key opinion leader, Dr. Herman has chaired and served on innumerable grant review panels and editorial boards for high-impact journals. He has received numerous awards, published 100s of peer-reviewed scientific publications and is named inventor on many US and international patents describing advanced diagnostics and therapeutics for next generation, precision health care.