Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a life-changer. When someone has been diagnosed with COPD, they need to make adjustments in their life, including exercise and dietary changes.
People who have been diagnosed with COPD can use all of the care and support their loved ones are willing to offer. Since the holidays are approaching, now is a good time of the year to be thinking of gifts for your loved ones. If someone in your life has COPD, here are 5 ideas for gifts that would be helpful for them.

5 Gift Ideas for Someone With COPD

1.Exercise Bike

Exercising is crucial to improving your muscular strength and endurance. For many who have COPD, it can be challenging to exercise. An exercise bike presents an opportunity for them to get the cardiovascular exercise they need from the comfort of their own homes without demanding too much out of their body, especially the joints.

2. COPD for Dummies 

There’s a “For Dummies” book for just about anything. Of course your loved one isn’t a “dummy,” but this book contains helpful information about COPD and advice on how to cope with it. This could be a helpful gift for someone who has recently been diagnosed with COPD or wants to learn more about it.

3. Cold Weather Mask 

Cool air causes the airways in the lungs to constrict. This makes it more difficult to breathe, which is the last thing anyone with COPD needs. A cold weather mask designed for people with breathing problems warms the air, which makes it easier to breathe in cold conditions.

4. Air-Purifying Plants 

Plants like the areca palm, mother-in-law’s tongue and the money plant are beneficial for 2 reasons. First, they are decorative and can liven up a living space. Second, they produce oxygen and reduce carbon dioxide levels. This makes a difference in a home where someone with COPD lives.

5. Winter Clothing Accessories  

Winter clothing such as hats, scarves, gloves and sweaters are great gift ideas for someone with COPD. Keeping the body temperature warm makes it easier to breathe. Plus, clothing accessories are more customizable than a lot of other gifts. You can get them something they’ll love in their favorite style or from their favorite brand.

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