Incorporating Yoga into your Life

Being able to find a balance in life is difficult. It is even more difficult for people with COPD. Having COPD causes troubles with not only breathing, but also being able to control your emotional wellbeing. Yoga can help sufferers of chronic lung diseases like COPD and pulmonary fibrosis find balance in their life.

Bridge Pose

Layer 15This pose stretches the chest and spine while improving blood circulation and digestion and stimulating the lungs and abdominal organs.

Lie on your back with your knees bent shoulder width apart. Take a deep breath in; exhale and push your pelvis towards the sky while pressing into the ground with your arms and feet. Once raised, clasp your hands together below your pelvis. Extend and breathe. Return to flat with another exhalation.

Seated Forward Bends

Layer 16This pose improves mental health by helping to relieve stress and mild depression; to soothe headache and anxiety; and to reduce fatigue.

Sit down with straight legs. Inhale and put your arms up over your head; lift and lengthen through your fingertips. Exhale while lowering your torso towards your legs. Reach for your toes. Breathe and hold for three breaths. Slowly roll your spine and torso back up and reach up for the sky with your arms.

Seated Twist Pose

Layer 17Seated twists help to strengthen the spine, which in true strengthens the nervous system and improves flexibility.

Begin by sitting cross-legged on the ground. While inhaling, raise your arms above your head; exhale and twist your body to the right while slowly lowering your arms down. Your right hand should be on the ground beside you, and the left hand on your right knee’s outer edge. Rotate your head, so you look over your should. Hold for three breaths. Repeat on the other side.

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