Patients suffering from chronic lung conditions, such as bronchiectasis, should seek medical assistance for help with controlling their symptoms and reducing inflammation. In many cases, you may be required to use prescription medication and other treatments. However, if you want to pursue natural treatment, you have options.
You should follow your doctor’s instructions and take any medication he or she gives you, but if you want further assistance with boosting your bronchiectasis treatment, you should consider natural treatment options.
The team at the Lung Health Institute has assisted thousands of patients across the nation with their lung care needs. We offer a variety of treatment options, including natural lung ones that help empower your own body to fight lung disease.

What are natural treatment options for bronchiectasis?

One natural treatment option is pulmonary rehabilitation. The objective of pulmonary rehabilitation is to help strengthen your breathing ability and improve your quality of life. Your pulmonary rehabilitation treatment may include:

  • Exercising for improved lung function
  • Nutritional coaching aimed at getting more lung health empowering nutrients in the body
  • Counseling and group support
  • Education with tips on saving energy and breathing better

Pulmonary rehabilitation is a great natural treatment method to assist in improving your breathing, but it’s not the only one. If you’re looking for natural bronchiectasis treatments, you should also consider Cellular Therapy.

What is Cellular Therapy?

Lung restoration treatment is a minimally invasive procedure that targets inflammation in your lungs. It uses your body’s own cells to assist with reducing inflammation and managing the symptoms of bronchiectasis.
To achieve this, your practitioner will withdraw a blood sample. Your blood is separated in our state-of-the-art lab and then reintroduced into your system. The separated blood contains concentrated forms of your cells to help boost your body’s ability to slow the progression of bronchiectasis.
The concentrated cells assist with promoting healthy blood clotting, boosting your immune system and aiding the performance of other cells in your lung tissue.
If you would like to see if Cellular Therapy is right for you, then contact the Lung Health Institute today to speak with one of our patient coordinators.