Western medicine is effective in many ways, but it often relies on things like medication and surgery. It also tends to take for granted the amazing healing powers our bodies naturally possess. Recently, medical professionals and organizations have begun to revisit the body’s natural healing powers and how it can help people with issues like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other chronic lung diseases. 

How Does the Body Heal Itself Naturally?

Describing what we know about the exact processes that the body uses to heal itself naturally could take hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of pages. And medical science is uncovering even more about the body’s natural healing ability every day. 

In general, the body’s natural healing process has several basic steps: 

  1. The brain receives information that an injury has occurred.
  2. It orders other body systems to produce chemicals and other things needed to heal the injury.
  3. The bloodstream transports the items required for healing to the site of the injury.
  4. The cells at the injury site use the items to heal the injury.

Although this is a basic view of the healing process, it works for a huge number of injuries that your body is vulnerable to. However, there are some issues that do require extra assistance, including chronic lung diseases. 

Pulmonary Trap Works With the Body’s Natural Healing Processes to Reduce Inflammation

COPD and other chronic lung diseases often overwhelm the body’s natural ability to heal itself. The Pulmonary Trap method uses the body’s healing processes to reduce inflammation.

Our cellular therapy takes advantage of the body’s natural processes, including the way the circulatory system works. 

The Pulmonary Trap makes use of the “pulmonary first-pass effect.” A natural process in the body, blood is filtered through the heart and lungs before going to other parts of the body. This means that when you have cellular therapy, the concentrated cells will first pass through the heart and lungs. That allows the lungs to make use of proteins, platelets, growth factors and other helpful cells that are naturally found in the body. 

Once in the lungs, the concentrated cells can promote healing in damaged lung tissue. Inflammation is your body’s natural response to cell and tissue damage, so addressing the damage that’s triggering the inflammation can decrease the body’s inflammatory response. In turn, reduced inflammation can make it easier for COPD patients to breathe. 

Lung Health Institute Offers COPD Treatment Using the Pulmonary Trap Method and Other Natural Treatment Options

At Lung Health Institute, we offer natural treatment options for COPD and other chronic lung diseases, and one of these is cellular therapy that uses the Pulmonary Trap method. Another natural treatment option we offer is our Anti-Inflammatory Initiative™, or AI2™. 

A big component of the AI2 is information about many lung-healthy food options, including seafood, as well as specific recipes that are designed to help your lungs. This plan also includes exercise advice, sleeping tips and relaxation advice. All these natural methods are combined with the intention of helping your body fight chronic lung diseases naturally. They’re designed to help boost your immune system, and they can also help train your body to fight inflammation using fats. 

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