It’s that time of year again: the holiday shopping season. And while you want to give your family and loved ones thoughtful gifts this year, shopping can take a toll on your energy if you have chronic lung disease.
Thanks to retailers offering more online, pickup and delivery services, finding the means to shop without overexerting yourself has never been easier. Follow the tips below to shop smart this holiday season.

How to Shop From the Comfort of Home

  1. Shop online. A convenient way to shop stress-free is to shop online. Many online retailers offer discounts and exclusive deals for digital shoppers on days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The upside of online shopping is that you can browse products from your favorite stores and have them delivered to your door, without expending energy navigating busy stores during the holiday rush.


  1. Consider curbside pickup. Some stores now offer pickup options where you can order your goods online or through the store app, drive to the store and have employees bring your purchases right to your car. Target and Sears both offer this service. Additionally, many big-name stores — including Target, Walmart and Best Buy — have free in-store pickup for purchases made online.


  1. Send a gift directly to your loved ones. You can find dozens of online retailers that specialize in gourmet gift baskets you can send directly to your loved ones. Choose arrangements of fruits, cheeses, wines, chocolates and more from sellers like Amazon, Harry and David and Ghirardelli.

Tips for Shopping in a Store

If you need to visit stores or the mall to complete your shopping tasks, here are tips to make the experience easier and avoid overexertion.
Before you even step foot in a store, decide all the stops you will make and the easiest way to travel between multiple stores. Write a shopping list and stick to it, because it’s easy to get overwhelmed by choices in a big store.
Plan your shopping trips around times when you have the most energy and when stores are less crowded. If your schedule allows, weekday mornings are a good time to shop because many people are at work.
Bring a partner. Shopping with someone else can help cut your workload in half: you can split the driving, picking up purchases and carrying the bags.
Most importantly, know when you need to rest. If you can’t complete your list because you’re tired and out of breath, that’s OK. Take care of yourself first — your health is the gift your family and loved ones want most this year.

Lung Health Institute Treats Chronic Lung Disease

If you have chronic lung disease, cellular therapy could be part of an effective treatment plan for you. While traditional lung disease treatments work by masking symptoms, cellular therapy addresses the root cause of the disease: chronic lung inflammation. Cellular therapy works within the lungs and may be able to reduce inflammation, prevent further lung damage and slow the progression of your condition. Cellular therapy can help you maintain or improve your quality of life.
If you are interested in learning more or scheduling a free consultation, contact a Lung Health Institute patient coordinator today.