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Patient Experience: What To Expect

What makes the Patient Experience at Centers for Respiratory Health Stand Out?

At Centers for Respiratory Health, we take pride in our patient-centric approach to providing treatment. We’re different from other healthcare providers because our Patient Care Specialists are available to guide a patient through each step of his or her treatment wellness journey at our clinic.

Our board certified medical providers and clinic staff want all our patients to experience the utmost ease and assurance throughout their time with Centers for Respiratory Health. That’s why we’ve designed a highly attentive patient care process.

Your Path to Breathe Easier Starts Here.

Our treatments may have the potential to improve overall lung health. Your journey follows the path below:

Step 1: Discuss Your Path

Your dedicated Patient Care Specialist will educate you about our treatment plans and guide you every step of the way.

Step 2: Choose Treatment Plan

Our treatment plans include: Cellular Therapy options, a six month subscription to a pulmonary rehabilitation program and wellness tips and recipes.

Step 3: Complete Forms

Complete and return Medical Release and Personal Health Information forms to your Patient Care Specialist.

Step 4: Pick your Date

Our flexible appointment scheduling means you don’t have to wait months for an opening.

Step 5: Medical Records

One of our Medical Records Specialists will gather information necessary for your treatment approval.

Step 6: Arrive & Meet Clinic Staff and Your Medical Providers

All members of our highly trained clinical team are ready to bring you first class care.

Step 7: Receive Treatment

Begin your cellular therapy (PRP-PMBC) with the potential to improve overall lung health and improve Quality of Life.

Step 8: Head Home

One of our medical providers will perform a thorough evaluation of the treatment received and prepare you for follow-up care.

Step 9: We Follow up with you

We provide you with tools to help promote healthy lung function after your treatment is complete. These tools include breathing exercises, journals and check-in calls multiple times during your journey to Breathe Easier.

Step 10: Breathe Easier™

When you Breathe Easier, life becomes easier. Our treatments may help you return to the activities you love.

When is Treatment Most Effective?

Our treatments may be given at any stage of lung disorder and have the potential to improve your Quality of Life.

Take the next step to Breathe Easier.
Contact us today and ask for a free medical consultation.