Patient Success Stories

Bill B.

Age: 82

Location: Wellsboro, PA

Condition: COPD

“For me, it’s astounding.”

When Bill B.’s COPD was causing increased shortness of breath and made daily activities challenging, he knew it was time to investigate other options.

Bill’s pulmonary function test showed that he wasn’t receiving enough oxygen, so his physician prescribed inhalers and supplemental oxygen.

Before receiving cellular therapy at one of our clinics, Bill had trouble walking down his driveway to get the mail and if he had to go downtown, he used a scooter. Afraid he might have an exacerbation, Bill stopped doing his favorite activities.

After treatment, Bill feels better and says that, while he understands COPD is a progressive disease, his COPD seems to have been halted in its tracks. Now, Bill looks forward to taking his boat out to go bass fishing, staying involved in his theater group and helping with the library’s book sale. As Bill says, “For me, it’s astounding.”

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