Patient Success Stories

David V.

Treatment Age: 66

Location: Englewood, FL

Condition: COPD, Emphysema

“I got life again.”

David V. Sailing into Better Days After COPD and Emphysema Cellular Restoration Treatment

David V. began sailing when he was 10 years old, sailing across the Great Lakes and around the Caribbean. He loved being active and constantly moving. But one day, David noticed it was becoming hard for him to breathe and his doctor diagnosed him with COPD and emphysema.

David couldn’t work anymore, and he barely left the house. Soon, he felt depressed by the loss of the life he had before. Feeling as though he was shutting down, David knew it was time to make some decisions, so he called Centers for Respiratory Health.
After his cellular restoration treatment, David started noticing gradual improvements in his health. First, he could walk better. Then, he could socialize more, and eventually, David started sailing again. Two months after David’s treatment he went to Toledo, Ohio, and sailed two times a week on Lake Erie without any problems. As David says, “I got life again.”

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