Patient Success Stories

Donna R.

Treatment Age: 53

Location: Orlando, FL

Condition: Pulmonary fibrosis and ILD

“I feel fantastic. There are days I don’t even remember I am sick, and that’s pretty awesome.”

Before Donna R. received cellular therapy treatment, she said that advanced pulmonary fibrosis with ILD felt like she had a man sitting on her chest.

In 2013, Donna received news that changed the course of her life: she was diagnosed with interstitial lung disease (ILD). By May 2018, Donna’s condition had worsened, and she was told she had advanced pulmonary fibrosis with ILD. By October 2018, Donna was in line for a double lung transplant, because her doctors told her that without one, she had only a year to a year and a half left to live. However, after talking with someone about cellular therapy, Donna began researching alternative treatments and stumbled across our website. As luck would have it, there was a clinic only an hour from her house.

Within a week of learning about our treatment options, Donna had her first cellular therapy session. Since then, she has been amazed at the improvements in her life. She has gone from using oxygen all the time to only using it occasionally throughout the day. She can complete full cardio workouts using 2 liters of oxygen or less, unlike before cellular therapy, when she needed 6 to 8 liters. Donna can now do chores like taking out the trash and checking the mail that were impossible before her treatment.

Donna says her kids and boyfriend are happy beyond belief about how much her condition has improved. Her kids help keep her motivated for the future. After treatment, 1 of her sons bought her a daily calendar with motivational quotes, and her other son bought her a 5-year diary. Donna says she feels a new sense of optimism about her condition.

Donna also encourages other chronic lung disease patients to consider getting cellular therapy treatment. She wants to give other people the hope and drive to live that she found when she discovered our cellular treatment options. As she says, “I feel fantastic. There are days I don’t even remember I am sick, and that’s pretty awesome.”

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