Patient Success Stories

George M

Age: 72

Location: Birth Run, MI

Condition: COPD and Emphysema

” No medications can take the place of these treatments.”

George is living again after receiving cellular therapy for his COPD and Emphysema

George M’s COPD and Emphysema caused him to live his life in a chair – unable to walk more than 8 feet without being completely out of breath. Now, after receiving our innovative lung treatment, George enjoys karaoke, signing in the church choir, and even gets on the dancefloor.

Diagnosed somewhere between 1970 – 1980, George’s breathing continued to decline, and life become more sedentary. Unable to climb stairs, George found himself living in a straight-back chair due to the fact that he could not lean back or lay down in bed without gasping for air.
George was unable to walk to the mailbox or do daily errands and chores.

Frequent doctor visits to the VA and family physician resulted in more medications begin prescribed, effecting his blood sugar and causing him to use a nebulizer six to eight times a day. “I could not take a deep breath,” shared George.

All George knew was that his breathing was getting worse, and he had to do something more than just treat the symptoms. And that is when he read about our innovative lung treatment and contacted us for more information.

After cellular therapy, George is now back in action. “I can live, and function,” explained George. George is now able to go on daily errands for groceries, walk to the mailbox, attend a concert and not worry about carrying oxygen, be outside doing yard work, and care for himself.

“After treatment, I don’t think I used the oxygen in 2 years,” shared George.

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