Patient Success Stories

Herb F.

Treatment Age: 70

Location: Ft. Wayne, IN

Condition: COPD and emphysema

“What they’ve done for me and my life, it’s been almost a miracle.”

Before cellular therapy, Herb F. brought his oxygen tank everywhere — but now he no longer needs supplemental oxygen for all his daily activities.

Herb has COPD and emphysema, and before he received cellular therapy, it was affecting his day-to-day activities. For example, he wasn’t able to get dressed in the morning without reaching for his oxygen. Difficulties with small things like this also caused Herb to hesitate over going out to do errands or have dinner.

All that changed in December 2015 after Herb received his first cellular therapy treatment. He can now leave the house without bringing his oxygen concentrator along. Herb has also noticed that he wheezes less, and his attitude has become much more positive. He’s even gained back his weight and improved his daily activities. Herb is a strong advocate for other chronic lung disease patients seeking help from our treatment, and says: “What they’ve done for me and my life, it’s been almost a miracle.”

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