Patient Success Stories

Herbert K.

Age: 69

Location: Keller, TX

Condition: COPD

“It’s hard to understand how good it feels to do those simple things again.”

Herbert Can Do the Simple Things Again after Cellular Restoration Treatment for COPD

Herbert K. has COPD and used to enjoy doing yard work and chores. Shortness of breath and 15 percent lung capacity made him unable to do simple tasks, leaving him feeling depressed.

Herbert’s wife, Barbara, had a hard time watching her husband suffer and feared that he may not live much longer. After hearing about our cellular therapy, they decided to try treatment.

Two months after his initial treatment, Herbert had a pulmonary function test, which showed his lung capacity had increased to 31 percent. His lung capacity continued to improve after a booster treatment, and now it’s at 47 percent. Herbert and Barbara are pleased with his success.

Herbert says, “When you’re used to doing things and then they’re taken away from you, it’s hard to understand how it affects you mentally and how good it feels to do those simple things again.”

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