Patient Success Stories

Judy Q.

Age: 75

Location: French Village, MO

Condition: COPD

“My whole way of life is much better.”

Judy Q.’s COPD caused many challenges in her daily life, including not being able to walk from room to room in her home, clean the house or do laundry.

A couple of years prior to her treatment, Judy asked her doctor for his opinion regarding cellular restoration treatment only to be told that she wasn’t ready for that yet.

Judy waited, thinking the doctor would tell her when she was ready, but he didn’t. After being told she needed to go into Hospice, Judy decided to take a proactive approach and scheduled her cellular restoration treatment.

Before treatment, Judy felt depressed and like she couldn’t do anything. However, after treatment, Judy noticed gradual improvement, saying that she “started doing things that just kind of came about” without thinking about it.

Her family and friends noticed a difference and Judy is now able to spend more time with them. As Judy says, “My whole way of life is much better.”

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