Patient Success Stories

Kathleen B.

Age: 71

Location: Amherst, OH

Condition: COPD

“This is good. I feel normal.”

As Kathleen B.’s COPD and asthma progressively worsened, she had to quit doing her favorite activities and daily tasks.

Her medications constantly changed, yet her condition continued to deteriorate.
Frustrated by the lack of results and her diminishing energy, Kathleen and her husband investigated cellular restoration treatment. She was skeptical at first, but after speaking with us, she decided to give cellular restoration treatment a try.

Before treatment, Kathleen couldn’t make her bed, cook dinner, take a shower or walk the few steps to her car without feeling exhausted and gasping for air. After treatment, Kathleen first noticed improvement when taking a shower became easier.

Over time, her energy and activity levels continued to increase. Now, Kathleen and her husband can take trips together again, and she can do the things she couldn’t do before. “This is good. I feel normal,” Kathleen says.

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