Patient Success Stories

Linus S

Age: 69

Location: Hays, KS

Condition: COPD

“I don’t have to stop anymore when I go up the stairs.”

3 months after Cellular Restoration Treatment, Linus was working in a 2-story building with 26 stairs and didn’t have to stop to use his inhaler.

Linus S works full time in construction and being able to move around job sites and work with heavy equipment is very important. When Linus had to continually stop and take a break half-way up a flight of stairs and rely on his inhaler more and more, he knew it was time for additional therapy.

Together with family members, whom many are nurses, researched Centers for Respiratory Health and they all agreed it was the right move for him and his overall health.

After his cellular restoration treatment, Linus is now able to socialize more with family and friends, as well as travel and exercise. He very much looks forward to increasing his exercise regime and doing more travel with family. “Socially I get around more. I’m not at home like I used to be all the time. Some of my coworkers have commented that – It is good to see you up around again,” shares Linus.

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