Patient Success Stories

Natalie L.

Treatment Age: 44


Condition: COPD

“It’s been wonderful, and it’s been life changing.”

As her COPD progressed, Natalie L. couldn’t complete simple tasks like taking a shower or having a conversation without becoming short of breath.

When Natalie was diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), her doctor in Aruba wasn’t optimistic about her prognosis. Natalie was given steroids and antibiotics, but the doctor didn’t think these would help very much. As her COPD became more severe, Natalie needed a caregiver to help her with all her daily activities. However, Natalie stayed positive and continued looking for ways to treat her condition.

In April 2016, her positivity and persistence were rewarded when she found us. She had her first cellular therapy treatment in January 2017. Since then, she’s been able to talk and walk without stopping every few seconds to catch her breath. She’s been able to decrease her supplemental oxygen levels and the number of nebulizer treatments she needs in a day. She finds joy in being able to go out by herself and catch a movie. “It’s been wonderful, and it’s been life-changing,” she said.

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