Patient Success Stories

Robert D

Treatment Age: 85

Location: Saginaw, MI

Condition: COPD

“I know defiantly, my life has improved.”

About a month after treatment, Robert said, ” The breathing was easier. I didn’t have to take the deep breaths like I was taking before.”

During the night, Robert arose out of bed because he could not catch his breath. That was the beginning of his nightly struggle to breathe comfortably and deal with persistent coughing. Thinking he had a cold, his doctor sent him to a specialist and was sequentially diagnosed with COPD. As his illness progressed, and Robert found himself being frustrated that his body was slowing down, and not responding to normal activities, he came to Centers for Respiratory Health for cellular therapy. Within a month after his initial treatment, Robert saw an improvement in his breathing and now his activity level has increased to include working in his yard and feeding the animals. When COVID-19 hit his household and he contracted the virus, his symptoms were minimal due to the turnaround in his strength and health after receiving our cellular therapy. Robert’s experience was positive and definitely would tell everyone to have this treatment done. “It is well worth your while. It will certainly change your quality of life. I know defiantly my life has improved. It (Cellular Therapy) has done well for me.” If you or someone you love has COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), ILD (Interstitial Lung Disease), emphysema, pulmonary fibrosis, or another chronic lung disorder, call us today at 866-638-4776 and learn more about what our innovative therapy has the potential to do for you. Our dedicated team of Patient Care Specialists and Board-Certified Medical Providers are standing by to answer all your questions.