Patient Success Stories

Shirley F

Age: 73

Location: Dallas, GA

Condition: COPD and Chronic Bronchitis

“No medications can take the place of these treatments.”

Shirley L takes a natural approach to treat her COPD and Chronic Bronchitis.

Shirley was irritable and upset when her COPD and Chronic Bronchitis interfered with her daily activities and chores. Even walking was unbearable, and she was unable to do any exercising and struggled with shortness of breath. But after lung treatment at Centers for Respiratory Health, she is now climbing bleachers and attending all her grandchildren’s sporting events.

Several years ago, Shirley was diagnosis with COPD which eventually resulted in Chronic Bronchitis. Her Pulmonologist prescribed a large number of medications, nebulizers, and inhalers, which made her feel awful. After being told there isn’t any other options for her health, Shirley didn’t want to be on drugs permanently, so she began to look for a more natural way of treating her condition. “I’m a more natural person. I like natural ingredients,” explained Shirley.

Shirley found Centers for Respiratory Health and after just one treatment, life changed tremendously. Starting as soon as the next day, Shirley could walk and do anything she wanted. “I was just so happy,” explained Shirley. “I have lots of energy.”

Shirley now participated in all her grandchildren’s sporting activities and is able to set aside the nebulizers and inhalers. “No medications can take the place of these treatments,” says Shirley.

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